In 124 photographs, Milton Kam offers a portrait of Suriname’s indigenous peoples as they adapt to life in the 21st century.

After years of standing behind a camera for features and television series, he challenged himself to photograph Suriname’s indigenous peoples after he rediscovered his country of birth again.

Now, points of recognition is the first photo book ever that portrays their everyday life. A unique insight in the life of the first inhabitants of what is now known as Suriname.

The first edition of Points of Recognition is now for sale through different channels. Visit our Order your book- page to read how and where you can buy your copy of this unique photo book.

Book details

Points of recognition offers the reader a way to connect with the humanity and dignity of Suriname’s indigenous peoples and their way of life in the 21st century. 

Single page photographs and several two-page spreads will draw the viewer into the life of Suriname’s indigenous people. Captions under each photo provide the reader with more insight about the person(s) portrayed and/or the activities shown.

Among others, the reader will witness a Carib ceremony that marks the end of a mourning period, pay a visit to the Trios and the Akuryos deep in the Amazone rainforest, and celebrate the inauguration of a new chief in a town near Paramaribo.

Points of recognition is a contemporary photobook that opens a window to a world and a life unknown to many.

Points of Recognition contains 124 photographs and measures about 30x25cm (11.8×9.8 inches). It is available as a softcover and hardcover edition. 

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Order your book

Photobook Points of Recognition is for sale through Kapelka Books’ webshop where you can pay with Creditcard, Ideal, Paypal and via banktransfer.

For those living in the Netherlands, you can also buy our book via Reisboekwinkel de Zwerver.

For those living in Suriname, you can find our book at Ready Tex.

Softcover edition € 19.99
Hardcover edition €39.99

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Points of Recognition is in het Engels geschreven, maar u kunt hieronder de Nederlandse vertaling downloaden.


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Fine art photo prints

A small selection of the most iconic images from our book, as well as a few never-before-seen photographs, are for sale.

The photos are printed as Lambda matte print on Fuji Crystal DP or placed under 2mm acrylic glass.

Panorama photo prints

Father brings kids to school
Sunrise over the Lawa
Girl in rapid

Photoprints 3:2 ratio

Nomadic journey
Tree play
Evening falls
The archers
Bow boy
Night sky
Running on water
Women in boat


Lambda matte print on Fuji Crystal DP

Size:                                                    Price:
45x30cm (17.7×11.8inch)  3:2 ratio      €89 
50x25cm (19.7×9.8inch)    panorama   €89 

90x60cm (35.4×23.6inch)  3:2 ratio      €192 
100x50cm (39.4×19,7inch) panorama  €192 

120x80cm (47.2×31.5inch) 3:2 ratio     €325 
132x66cm (52x26inch)       panorama  €325

Print under 2mm Acrylic Glass
Size:                                                      Price:
45x30cm (17.7×11.8inch)   3:2 ratio      €357 
50x25cm (19.7×9.8inch)     panorama  €357 

90x60cm (35.4×23.6inch)   3:2 ratio     €728 
100x50cm (39.4×19,7inch) panorama  €728 

120x80cm (47.2×31.5inch) 3:2 ratio     €965 
132x66cm (52x26inch)       panorama  €965 

Prices in other currencies will be based on current exchange rates with the Euro


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