First book presentation in the Netherlands

December 7th, we held our first presentation in the Netherlands about Points of Recognition in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. More than 100 people were present to listen to Milton’s story. The enthusiastic reactions reminded us again of how special Milton’s photographic journey to the Surinamese indigenous peoples has been. The fact that so many people came to our presentation shows that there is a great interest in this unique world.
We want to thank everyone who attended, bought a book and shared his / her story with us. Thanks to the music and singing of cultural association Wehpokamanong it became a amazing experience. Gran tangi!

Gisteren hebben wij onze eerste presentatie in Nederland over Points of Recognition gehouden in de Nieuwe Kerk van Amsterdam. Meer dan 100 mensen waren aanwezig om te luisteren naar Milton’s verhaal. Wij werden door de enthousiaste reacties er weer aan herinnert hoe bijzonder Milton’s fotografische reis naar de Surinaamse inheemsen is geweest. Dat er zoveel mensen op onze presentatie zijn afgekomen, toont aan dat er een grote belangstelling is voor deze unieke wereld.
Wij willen iedereen bedanken die is gekomen, een boek heeft gekocht en zijn/haar verhaal met ons heeft gedeeld. Dankzij de muziek en zang van culturele vereniging Wehpokamanong werd het een ware belevenis. Gran tangi!

Kick-off in the Netherlands

We have locked and secured our first official book presentation in the Netherlands. It will be held at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam during the ‘grote Suriname-tentoonstelling’ on Saturday December 7th at 14.00. 

In the weeks after, we hope to do several more presentations in the Netherlands.

Book presentation in Paramaribo, Suriname

Friday evening June 28th at 20.00, more then 100 people in theater Unique listen to an indigenous welcome song and dance performed by cultural group Wayono. The singers, musicians and dancers are dressed in bright colored indigenous clothing.

After their welcome, Milton enters the floor and takes the audience on a photographic journey through Suriname showing the day to day life of the indigenous peoples. It was a journey with surprises and amazement for the audience. After his talk, cultural group Wayono took the stage again for some more dancing and music.

After the presentation, people had the opportunity to buy a book which Milton happily signed.

Book launch & presentation in Suriname

Friday June 28th we will have our book launch in Suriname at Theater Unique in Paramaribo. At 20.00 the cultural group Wajono will open the presentation with indigenous music and dance. After that Milton will show some of his photographs, and talk about his photographic journey to the different indigenous villages, and share his photographic approach. After the presentation cultural group Wajono will perform one more time, inviting the guests to join them in dance and singing.

We are looking forward to this evening where we will meet some of our Kickstarter-supporters, the portrayed indigenous, first buyers, family, friends and guests. There is no better way to celebrate our second wedding anniversary!

We are in Suriname

From May 18th till July 18th we are in Suriname for delivering the books to the indigenous portrayed and to promote our book there.

So far the sales in Suriname are going well, selling more hard covers then expected but also the soft covers are being well appreciated. We are looking into the possibility to sell some of the photographs online, but we first want to inform those portrayed and ask for permission.

On June 28th we will have our book launch at Theater Unique and invite all who are interested in the book and the topic of the book. Milton will share his experience of travelling to the different villages and his approach as photographer.

We do post regular updates on our Nomadic Life – Facebookpage during our stay in Suriname.

All books have been shipped off to our Kickstarter supporters

It has taken us a couple of days to pack and post all the books and photoprints to our Kickstarter backers. We have also sent off more then 200 books to Suriname for the indigenous peoples portrayed.

Next step is to book our tickets to Suriname, to deliver the more than 200 books to the indigenous portrayed by ourselves. And after buying our tickets, we will start the promotion of our book with the goal to send another large batch of books by the end of April to those who are interested in photography, Suriname and/or indigenous peoples.

Points of Recognition will be published!

We spend thirty days of intense communication, answering many e-mails and messages, sending out an equal amount of e-mails and messages, but it was worth it!

We raised over 16.000 euro of the 15.000 needed for our first edition.

The next step is finalizing the manuscript and get our book printed by Graphius in Belgium.

Talking on the radio about Points of Recognition

No television interviews during our Kickstarter Campaign, but Milton was asked to do several radio-interviews.

One was with SuriMama, who follows the publication of our photobook on the foot. You can listen to Milton’s interview after 30:00.

A second long interview was with Iwan Leeuwin, who hosts a four our show several times per week. You can listen to his interview with Milton from 02:10:00 onwards.

And a third one with Inge Pierre from Indigenous radio.