Book details

Points of recognition offers the reader a way to connect with the humanity and dignity of Suriname‚Äôs indigenous peoples and their way of life in the 21st century. 

Single page photographs and several two-page spreads will draw the viewer into the life of Suriname’s indigenous people. Captions under each photo provide the reader with more insight about the person(s) portrayed and/or the activities shown.

Among others, the reader will witness a Carib ceremony that marks the end of a mourning period, pay a visit to the Trios and the Akuryos deep in the Amazone rainforest, and celebrate the inauguration of a new chief in a town near Paramaribo.

Points of recognition is a contemporary photobook that opens a window to a world and a life unknown to many.

Points of Recognition contains 124 photographs and measures about 30x25cm (11.8×9.8 inches). It is available as a softcover and hardcover edition. 

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